Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival - Tết Trung Thu

Tết Trung Thu (tet-chun-two), also known as the Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival, is a day where the Vietnamese culture (and other East Asian cultures) celebrate the rise of the Full Moon and family unity. We celebrate this event by having festivals where everyone in the city/town come together to sing, dance, and eat various Vietnamese holiday cuisine, such as the Bánh Trung Thu (bahn-chun-two), otherwise known as the mooncake. The children will also parade along the streets with their lanterns, singing the national festival song. Basically, the Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival is like Thanksgiving and Halloween combined! To commemorate this important day in Vietnamese culture, VSA will be having a performance on Monday, September24th during lunch in the BQR. Make sure to stop by to watch!

Naviance Parent Night!
On Tuesday, Sept. 25, the Clear Horizons Counselors will be hosting a Naviance session for all Coyote parents.  The event is at 7:00 pm in the Science Building (Building 1), Room 116.  Send your parents!

Spanish Club Meeting
The Spanish Club will be meeting Wednesday, September 26, in room 116 from 3:30-4:30.  Everyone is welcome!  You are still eligible to attend, even if you missed the first meeting.  See you there!

Thank You, Freshmen!

Coyotes....Our freshmen students and teachers are to be celebrated and commended for their outstanding contributions to the Houston Food Bank.  On Friday, they processed 4,750 pounds of food, which is the equivalent of 3,958 meals!  Way to go, Coyotes!  Thanks for using your Core Values to improve our community!

Art Club
Art Club is a place for artists of all kinds to gather together, share artwork, learn new skills, and compete! All skill levels are welcome! Our next meeting is Wednesday, September 26 from 3:30-4:30 in Mrs. Allen's room, S9.112.

Reach Club

Reach is NOT meeting after school on Wednesday, September 26 because we are meeting BEFORE school. Wednesday, September 26 is See You at the Pole! Join us at the flagpole in front of building 8 on Wednesday morning at 7:15am to pray for our school, our community, and our country.

Benefit Concert for CCISD Cares

A student committee at Clear Lake High School is organizing a benefit concert to fundraise for CCISD Cares. The main point of the concert is to raise money for families in our district who are still recovering from Hurricane Harvey and other situations. The secondary goal is to bring together various performance and cultural programs at Clear Lake and promote a welcoming environment.  The benefit concert will take place on Friday, October 12th, from 7:00pm to 8:30pm at Clear Lake High School's Performing Arts Center.  More information about the concert can be found at our website:  We hope you will come! Attached is the invitation from Clear Lake:
Benefit Concert Flyer.pdf

Thursday is Attendance Reconciliation Day     
On Thursday, Sept. 20, we will use Advisory to complete the steps outlined in the Attendance Reconciliation process.  Teachers.... Please follow the directions provided by Mrs. Kenworthy.  Call the Main Office if you need assistance.

Welcome Aboard!

Coyotes....Please swing by the school clinic on Thursday to welcome the newest member of our Clear Horizons family.  Mrs. Hingle is our new Registered Nurse and will be available to take care of all your health needs.  Please stop by and say hello!

Freshmen Service Learning Trip!
On Friday, Sept. 21, the freshmen will travel to the Houston Food Bank for a day of volunteer work and service learning. It's going to be a great day of helping others! Service learning promotes Core Values, civic engagement, personal growth, and academic achievement.  Way to go, Coyotes!

Unicef Club
The Unicef Club will meet this Thursday, September 20, at 3:30 in S7.152 (Building 7).  We will discuss Trick or Treat for Unicef, changes to the constitution, our new point system, and committee assignments.  See you there! 

September Core Value = Respect

Respect is treating others with honor and dignity.

Everyone has worth and dignity as a human being, whether they are young or old, rich or poor, male or female, or any other difference. This is why you should treat others with honor, dignity, and courtesy. There should never be any bullying, harassing, or manipulating in order to get what you want.

You can show respect in many ways. For example, when someone is talking, you show respect by being attentive. When you receive a gift, you show respect by saying “Thank you.” At school or at home, you show respect to those counting on you by being responsible, diligent, and thorough.

Self-respect means you recognize your own worth as a human being and you avoid anything that will damage your mind, body, or integrity. This means that you do your best no matter who is watching because what you do reveals who you are.

Respect does not mean you have to like everyone, and others might not treat you as they should. But even when you disagree with others or have to part ways, you can still treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve. 

At Clear Horizons Early College High School, we will:
Value others.
Respect differences.
Use good manners.
Treat people the way we want to be treated.
Show respect in person and online.

Core Values article:

RESPECT Charles Young.pdf

  • How does it feel when someone is disrespectful?
  • Give examples of respect shown to other students & your teachers.
  • What would happen to bullying if everyone showed respect at all times?

    Attention Freshmen!
    Be sure to submit your Parent Permission Form for this Friday's service learning trip to the Houston Food Bank.  It's going to be a great day of helping others! Service learning promotes Core Values, civic engagement, personal growth, and academic achievement. 

    Attention Juniors!
    Balfour will return this Friday, Sept. 21, to take orders for class rings.  Bring your packet and a $50 deposit.  Be sure to include the $50 coupon, which will be used to reduce the total cost of your ring.

Art Club
The Art Club is a place for artists of all kinds to gather together, share artwork, learn new skills, and compete! You do not have to be able to draw, paint, or sculpt. All skill levels are welcome! Please bring your signed consent form if you received one at our last meeting. Our next meeting is Wednesday, September 19 from 3:30-4:30 in Mrs. Allen's room, S9.112.

Medical Club
The Medical Club will hold their first meeting THIS Thursday, Sept. 20, at 3:30 in the BQR.  See you there!  (Future meetings of the Medical Club will be held on the second Thursday of each month.)

National Honor Society Tutoring is Available!
Tutoring by National Honor Society members is available after school every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30 – 4:15 in Ms. Pate’s room (S9.120). Come by and get help with your high school classes!

Volunteer Opportunity!
The NASA Exchange –JSC will hold its community Monster Bash / Fall Festival on Friday, October 19th from 6:00-8:30 PM at NASA’s Gilruth Center located on Space Center Blvd.  

  • We are in need of volunteers to WORK THE EVENT from 5:30-9:00 pm AND volunteers to ASSIST WITH SETTING UP during the day.  Family activities include a Children’s Party complete with a Haunted House, Bounce House, Costume Contest, Face Painting, Music by DJ, Pumpkin Decorating, Pie Eating Contest, Mummy Wrapping Contest, Tissue Box Booty Ball Game, Boo Bowling, dancing, and more!   And, new this year, a Video Gaming Truck, Escape Room and games specifically for older kids.  A food truck will be available for dining options. 

    Go to the Service Learning Tab on the Clear Horizons Website to register and participate.  We will welcome you any hours that you are available!

  • High School Stock Challenge for Students!

  • I would like to invite your students to participate in a high school stock challenge hosted by the College of Business at Prairie View A&M University. The competition is open to high school teams with 3-4 students (10th to 12th grades) and a faculty advisor. The faculty advisor could be either a school teacher or a counselor.

The competition is 100% online via the PVAMU virtual trading platform (, a web-based trading simulation program. Each team will have $500,000 virtual dollars to invest in stocks and ETFs for the 8-week period from September 24 to November 16, 2018. There are online tutorial available for students to learn about stock and stock markets. All students participated in the competition will receive a certificate. The top 3 teams with the highest portfolio returns at market close on November 16, 2018 will receive $1,000, $800 and $500 respectively.  Further, the winning teams will be invited to attend and receive the prizes and certificates at the College of Business Awards Ceremony at Prairie View A&M University in December.

If interested, register your team on online. No cost to register or to participate but the registration will close 
on September 20, 2018 (Thursday). Please visit the competition web site for more details and register at:

A copy of the competition flyer is attached below for your reference.

Call or drop me a line if you have any inquiry. I can also visit your school. Please let me know any guest speaking opportunity at your school in regard to investments and the rules of the Competition.  I look forward to having your School register.

Dr. Yi Zhang
Associate Professor of Finance
Prairie View A&M University



Constitution Day!
Monday, Sept. 17, is Constitution Day in recognition of the day the United States Constitution was signed in 1787.  This also marks the start of Celebrate Freedom Week to educate students about the sacrifices made for freedom and the values on which this country was founded.  How will you celebrate your freedom as an American this week?

Movie Analysis Club
Hey Coyotes....Do you like to watch movies?  come and join the Movie Analysis Club!  The first meeting is on Tuesday, Sept. 18 from 3:30 - 4:30 in Mr. Hild's classroom.

ID Badge Check on Friday in Advisory

Teachers....Please check with each student in your Advisory to confirm that he/she is wearing their CCISD ID Badge.  If not, but it's in their possession, please instruct them to put it on.  If a student is not wearing the ID Badge and does not have it, please send the student to the Main Office. 

Christian Hernandez (12th) has been selected as our campus representative for the October CCISD Board of Trustees Meeting.  Christian will be assigned to a Trustee to shadow for the evening and will participate in the Board's private dinner, Closed Session, and Public Session. 

The following students have been selected to serve as our campus representatives for the Superintendent's Student Advisory Council.

Seniors = Rushi Patel and Eman Jandali
Juniors = Aliyah Lemons and Nicholas Renfro

GSA Meeting
Hello everyone! We are pleased to announce that the next GSA meeting will be Tuesday, September 25th from 3:30-4:30 in Mrs. Zehentner's Room. We will be meeting on the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month. This club is about creating a safe space and advocating acceptance of LGBTQ+ students throughout the school. We hope you come join us! Remember there are snacks for those who participate. See you at the next meeting!

Journalism Club

The first journalism meeting will be Tuesday, September 18 at 3:30. We will meet in Ms. Johnson's room, 9.108. There will be snacks and a raffle. Whether you write poetry, short stories, nonfiction pieces, or reviews, all writers are welcome!

First Progress Report on Thursday, Sept. 13!

Coyotes....Please use today's Advisory to check Skyward for your First Progress Report.  Analyze the results and set new scholastic goals for the remainder of this first Nine Weeks. 

Please congratulate these outstanding Coyotes for always displaying the Core Values.  They have been selected by the faculty to serve on the Superintendent's Student Advisory Council:

12th Graders = Eman Jandali and Rushi Patel
11th Graders = Aliyah Lemons and Nicholas Renfro

Please congratulate Christian Hernandez (12th) for being selected

Film Club
The Film Club will be meeting today, September 13, in Mr. Billings' room (S-9.140) after school at 3:30.  Come on down for an information session and join the fun!

Robonauts Robotics Team

Calling all tech enthusiasts! The Robonauts’ recruitment team will be on campus in Mrs. James’ room (S9.114) on September 27th at 3:30pm to talk to you about how to become a Robonaut and to answer any questions you may have. The Robonauts’ Robotics Team works closely on site at Johnson Space Center with NASA engineers for 6 weeks in the Spring semester to build a competition bot. After the build season, students compete in robotics competitions!  This is an amazing opportunity to get hands on experience while being mentored by knowledgeable professionals with a high level of expertise!  You don’t need to have any experience in robotics.  All you need is a strong interest in technology and an enthusiastic willingness to learn!☺ Please attend this meeting to find out more.

Please watch the video of last year’s robot:

ID Badges
Coyotes....Make sure that you are wearing your Clear Horizons ID Badge every day.

Breakfast is Available!
Coyotes....Breakfast is served daily in the Banquet Room and is available for all.  Free and reduced meals are provided for those who qualify. Remember to start each day with a good meal!

"C" Schedule for this Friday, Sept. 14

Juniors will report to the Banquet Room for Advisory on Friday.  Representatives from Balfour will be here to outline the process for ordering a class ring.  Seniors will meet in the ISM room until the Balfour session has concluded.  All students will follow the Friday "C" Schedule and meet in the Student Center Café during college classes.

Friday Night Lights!
This Friday night our award winning Clear Horizons Student Council will be showcased at Challenger Columbia Stadium before the football game.  The Coyotes may not have a football team, but we do have some very impressive leadership awards:

5 Time Winner of the Texas Outstanding Student Council! (2014-18)
3 Time Winner of the National Gold Council of Excellence! (2016-18)
2 Time Winner of the TASC Sweepstakes Award! (2017-18)

So, head out to Challenger Columbia Stadium this Friday night and cheer on our amazing Student Council.  Go, fight, win, Clear Horizons!

Math Club

Did you know that math illiteracy affects 8 out of every 5 people? Are you serious??  
If that unusual statistic has got you thinking, then please join the Math Club!  The first meeting is Thursday, Sept. 20 from 3:30-4:30 in Ms. Hampton's room (S9.268).  The Math Club will meet the third Thursday of each month.

OPPORTUNITY:  CPR and First Aid Certifications
Students and staff who are interested in becoming certified in CPR and First Aid are welcome to contact a local instructor to register.
Teacher: Bryan Moss
Phone:   713-208-7167
Cost:     $30

National Day of Remembrance and Service

September 11th is the National Day of Remembrance and Service. Today we honor the sacrifices of the victims and their families, and the service of the heroes who stood up during the devastating terrorist attacks in New York City, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C. on September 11, 2001. Together we remember the service of our first responders, members of the military, and individual heroes who demonstrate their citizenship with courage and sacrifice for others during challenging times.

VEX Robotics Club
The VEX team will be having a mandatory meeting on Tuesday, September 11, at Clear Brook High School in the Robotics Hall from 3:30-5:30. This meeting is required if you wish to be on the team.  Please bring your $35 fee. 

If you are unable to make the meeting, but really want to be on the team, please contact:

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club’s first meeting is Wednesday, September 12th, from 3:30-4:30. We’ll be having some SNACKS AND DRINKS. 
If you have not gotten a “Remind” notice and you signed up at the club social (or you have just decided you want to join) please text 81010 to @3k8bhe. 
Remember Spanish Club is NOT just another “Spanish Class” We will focus on celebrating the Spanish language and culture while having FUN. 


Reach is a non-denominational Christian club open to everyone. Join us for Bible study, prayer, fun, and food every other Wednesday. Our next meeting is this Wednesday, September 12 from 3:30-4:30 in Mrs. Allen's room, S9.112.  Reach is not sponsored by Clear Horizons or Clear Creek ISD.

San Jacinto College Safety Plan

On Monday, Sept. 10, all students will review and discuss the San Jacinto College Safety Plan during Advisory.  Students will receive a paper copy of the plan and add the college's emergency phone number to their cell phones and save as a "favorite" for quick access.  Students will download the CCISD App for tip reporting and text alerts in an emergency.

Safety Plan San Jacinto.pptx

Clear Horizons College Fair For Seniors on Friday, Sept. 7
Seniors will be able to visit with 15 different admissions officers from a variety of colleges and universities on Friday in the BQR!

Muslim Students Association
will hold its first meeting on Tuesday, September 18th at 3:30 pm.  We’ll meet in the BQR.  We're looking forward to seeing returning members and welcoming new members!

Coyotes....Please encourage your family to attend tonight's Open House at Clear Horizons!  The San Jacinto College Safety Plan will be presented at 6:30 pm in the Banquet Room.  The Classroom Visitation with the teachers will be from 7:00 - 8:00 pm.  The Booster Club will also be signing up new families.  We hope you can join us tonight!  Bring your whole family!

Yearbook Club
The next Yearbook Club meeting is on Tuesday, September 18, in Room 9.268 from 3:30-4:30.  Please bring your computer. 

Yearbooks Are On Sale!
Yearbooks are $35 until April 30.  After that, the price will be $40 until all books are sold.  Only 160 copies are ordered, so reserve your copy today!  Mrs. Hampton accepts cash or check (payable to CHECHS).  Orders will be available online through the link on our school website soon.

ID Badges
Coyotes.....Make sure that you are wearing your CCISD ID Badge every day and that it is visible.

New Service Learning Opportunity!
The Parker Williams Branch of the public library, located at 10851 Scarsdale Blvd, is looking for volunteers to participate in their book buddies program.  The teen volunteer training is Tuesday, September 25 from 4:30-6:00 PM.

If you are interested in volunteering as a big buddy in the Buddies Literacy Program, please attend the training session.

New Service Learning Opportunity!
The Rotary Club of Space Center (Houston), Texas, and U.S.A.
Rotary International District 5890 (589) are looking for volunteers to work at the Space Center Rotary's 2018 Shrimporee! 

When: October 13, 2018

Where: Landolt Pavilion at Clear Lake Park

Please go to our website to register: > volunteer opportunities> to volunteer online. 

This Friday, Sept. 7, will be an A DAY

Coytoes....To make up for the classes missed due to the Labor Day Holiday, we will use your Monday "A" Day Schedule for this Friday, Sept. 7.  The San Jacinto professors will not be teaching, so please report to the Student Center during your college classes on Friday.

Teachers....The A Day supervision for the Banquet Room is attached here:  Friday A B Day Supervision.docx

Open House this Thursday, Sept. 6
Coyotes....Please bring your families and join us for the Fall Open House this Thursday night!  We will present the San Jacinto College Safety Plan at 6:30 pm in the Banquet Room (Building 11) and have the Classroom Visitation from 7:00 - 8:00 pm at Clear Horizons (Building 9).

New Service Learning Opportunity!

It's time, once again, for the Harris County Precinct One Fall Kid’s Fish Fest event.  The event will be held at the Challenger Seven Memorial Park, located at 2301 West Nasa Blvd. Webster, TX 77598. This year, it will take place on Saturday, October 20, 2018 from 9:00am-12:00 noon. (Volunteer Orientation is at 8:00am under the blue and white tent on the day of the event.) Our four acre lake will be stocked with 900lbs of 3-5lb Channel Catfish and 100lbs of 1-2lb Large Mouth Bass.
We typically have more than 200 children ages 5 to 13, many of which have never experienced fishing prior to this event.
We are in dire need of Volunteers for this event!  What we need most of all are volunteers to assist children with the actual fishing and learning to cast at the casting stations. Refreshments will be available to volunteers throughout the event. Volunteers from schools and universities will receive official letters for their participation, that can be used toward service learning hours needed.
The 2018 Fall Kid’s Fish Fest cannot take place without the great volunteers such as your students, contributing both time and energy to make this a day to remember for so many children, who otherwise would not have this opportunity.
Attached is our Volunteer Registration Form that will need to be filled out by each participating volunteer.  Parent/guardian signatures are required for any volunteers under the age of 18.  Bring the Volunteer Registration Form with you on the day of the event.  Volunteer Fish Fest.pdf
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Christina Hartman
Senior Naturalist
Environmental Education Programs Supervisor
Harris County Precinct One
Challenger Seven Learning Center
2301 W. Nasa Blvd
Webster, TX  77598
Phone: (832) 927-1175

Labor Day Weekend
Have a wonderful three day weekend, Coyotes!  Clear Horizons will be closed on Monday, Sept. 3, to celebrate Labor Day.

Journalism Club
Journalism Club will be meeting the third Tuesday of each month in Ms. Johnson's room (108). The first meeting will be September 18 at 3:30. There will be food and a raffle drawing! We're looking forward to seeing you there!

ID Badges

Make sure you are wearing your Clear Horizons ID Badge each day!

Vietnamese Student Association:
Mark your calendars! VSA is going to be hosting its first meeting on Monday, September 17th, 2018 in Maldonado’s room from 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM. VSA is a club where people from all backgrounds can come together and learn about the Vietnamese culture and its traditions through games, free language lessons, story-telling, free food, etc.

Register to Vote, Coyotes!
Next Tuesday, Sept. 4, all students who are 18 years old or 17 years old & 10 months, will have the opportunity to register to vote during lunch in the Student Center.  The League of Women Voters will be on campus with a table to provide you with the paperwork needed.  Completing the registration form and voting on Election Day is a great way to show the Core Value of Citizenship!


Student Opportunity as Election Day Poll Workers!

In an effort to recruit Election Day poll workers, including bilingual English and Spanish, Vietnamese, and Chinese speakers, for the November 6, 2018 General and Special Elections, the Harris County Clerk’s Elections Division is once again launching the Step up to Serve Campaign on our Twitter and Facebook social media sites.  We would like to partner with your school in an effort to maximize our reach to as many people as possible.  

Poll workers are the backbone of Harris County elections. Working at a polling location during an election is a unique opportunity for students 16+ years old to step up and serve their neighbors as a PAID poll worker and to learn about the voting process.  We are targeting high school students, civic-minded professionals, and retirees, with the goal of recruiting 350 new Election Day Poll Workers.  The students at Clear Horizons are eligible to apply if they are 16 years old and have their parent's permission.  Please see the attachments below and complete if interested.

Student Election Clerk FAQ.pdf

Student Election Clerk Permission.pdf

"C" Schedule for this Friday, August 31

We will not have grade level rotations this Friday.  The safety training for students has been delayed.  We will use the regular "C" Schedule for Friday and attend all 8 classes in a condensed timeline.

Freshmen Textbooks will be distributed on Friday during Social Studies classes.

School Pictures will be taken on Friday during English classes and ISM.  The photographer will be set up on the side of the BQR.  English teachers should escort their students and use the side doors of the BQR for entry and exit. 

Students will eat their lunch during the open period on their Friday schedule.  Seniors will be in the BQR until 12:00, so students who will eat lunch during 5th or 6th period on Friday will eat on the second floor landing. 

Advisors.....Please review the Friday schedule:

Clear Horizons Timetable 2018-19.docx

Online Codes for College Textbooks
Coyotes....We are continuing to distribute college textbooks.  When you receive yours, a notice about the course materials and online book access will be included.  Be sure to read the notice. 

Textbooks for the following course are currently unavailable:

BCIS 1305

Humanities 1301 (Beowulf)

ITSC 1309

Math 1314

Physics 2325 (University Physics Codes and Texts)

Updates for Economics and Biology:

Economics 2301 - The books have arrived and are available.

Biology 1308 - The "MindTap Code" is available and can be requested.  Not all professors will be using it this semester.

Attention Sophomores!
The "World Civilizations" textbook will not be needed this year.  Please return it to the Bookroom.

Movie Analysis Club

Join us for the first meeting of the Movie Analysis Club. We will be meeting on Tuesday, September 4th from 3:30-4:30 in Mr. Hild's classroom, S9.106. Hope to see you there!

School Pictures this Friday!
Hi Coyotes!  Your school picture will be taken this Friday.  A schedule will be sent out of the picture rotations.  Be sure to look your best!  This will be your photo for next year's ID badge.

Business Professionals of America
Business Professionals of America will have an information meeting on Thursday, Sept. 13 at 3:30 in the BQR.  If you are interested in joining BPA or you would like more information, please attend.  We will discuss upcoming competitions and the requirements to join. We look forward to seeing you there!

Art Club
Art Club is a place for artists of all kinds to gather together, share artwork, learn new skills, and compete! You do not have to be able to draw, paint, sculpt, etc. All skill levels are welcome! We meet every other Wednesday. Our first meeting of the year is Wednesday, September 5 from 3:30-4:30 in Mrs. Allen's room, S9.112.

Women's Independence Day (August 26)

Women’s Independence Day is recognized to celebrate the advancement of women and increase awareness among young people that women struggled to gain the right to vote.  Having the right to vote affords people the opportunity to be a voice in the democratic process and have their concerns addressed.  Without a voice in the political process, women faced discriminatory laws such as not having the right to own property or a legal claim to any money they might earn. For more than 70 years, suffragettes used various forms of advocacy in pursuit of the right to vote. With the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution in 1920, women were granted to right to vote in national elections. 

Today we recognize the lengthy battle women faced to gain their right as citizens to vote.  As we celebrate Women’s Independence Day, we also see the connection between this historic struggle and our CCISD Core Value of Citizenship in which we work to improve our schools, community, and country. 

Student Council
The Student Council will
hold its first meeting on Thursday, September 6th, in the Banquet Room from 3:30-4:30.  Everyone interested in joining or participating is welcome!  We will be discussing upcoming events, as well as the Freshmen Student Council Officer Elections!!

Reach Club
Reach is a non-denominational Christian club open to everyone.  Join us for Bible study, prayer, fun, and food every other Wednesday. Our first meeting is this Wednesday, August 29 from 3:30-4:30 in Mrs. Allen's room, S9.112.  Reach is not sponsored by Clear Horizons or Clear Creek ISD.

Science Fair Club

Hi Coyotes!! The first Science Fair Club meeting will be held on Tuesday August 28th in Mrs. Bufford’s room (S252) at 3:30pm and again at 4:00pm. If you plan to participate or if you are thinking of participating in the science fair you will need to attend one of these meetings. We will discuss all deadlines as well as what you’ll need to do to get started. The first deadline is September 14th

!! Hope to see you there!

Chess Club
Good morning, Coyotes! Join the Chess Club! We invite you to our first meeting after school on Tuesday, August 28, in Mr. Koroneos' room. Stop by whether you are interested in learning how to play or you want to practice. Can't wait to see you there!

Music Club

Good morning, Coyotes! The music club will be hosting its first meeting after school on Tuesday September 4 in the Student Center Banquet Room. We invite you to join us whether you are an experienced player or simply want to be involved one way or another. Please bring your instruments and drop them off with Mr. Koroneos before school starts. Can't wait to see you there!

ID Badges
Coyotes....Make sure that you are wearing your Clear Horizons ID Badge every day.